Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Concerning Snotes

Day 147.

We have found signs of life on another of Jupiter's moons.

This time it is Callisto.

Day 148.

We are still finding signs of life. We see movement on our moniters, but can't seem to pinpoint anything. We're going to go down onto the moon tomorrow and see what there is to see.

Day 152.

We have managed to one up the Alpha Team. We have found life. This time it is not the type of life that will eat us, though. Beta is better than Alpha! Take that you rotting corpse suckers!

Day 157.

We have two specimens on board. We have decided to name them "Snotes". We have found that there are no male and no female of this species, but they do not seem to reproduce asexually. We cannot find any young Snotes. We will study further.

Day 158.

Snotes are allergic to plants. They cough up ugly red phlegm when introduced to leafy greens.

We cannot seem to find what they eat.

Day 159.

Snote Specimen 1 has died. We aren't sure what the reasons are. See the scientists' notes for more informatio. Snote 2 was released and another one captured. We still can't figure out what is keeping them alive and what they eat.

Day 160.

Here is a photograph of a Snote.